Let us empower you

Medical Weight-Loss Consultation and Management

Let us empower you

Medical Weight-Loss Consultation and Management

by slim4wellness

What is a Medical Weight Loss Consultation?

Medical weight loss is not surgery. It is weight management based on medical scientific evidence that targets the root causes of obesity and weight gain. Trained doctors or medical providers provide the treatment and guidance necessary to help you achieve weight loss and maintain it for life.

The trained profession treats:

  • Behavioral
  • Physical
  • Emotional

Key Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Consultations?

The trained profession will not only help you lose the weight but understand why and how to keep the weight off.

  • Losing weight
  • Keeping the weight off
  • One-on-one time with a trained profession

We accept most individuals except for expecting mothers and children under the age of 13.

Possibly, call us or your insurance company to figure out if your visit will covered.

Depending on your dedication and how much weight you plan to lose, anywhere from one pound to four pounds consistently per week is attainable..

For your first visit, come early to do paperwork. We will do blood-work and bio-metrics. Your initial visit with our nurse practitioner will be around 40 minutes discussing your health history.

After your first visit, you will have a road-map designed specifically for your weight loss journey. If medications are indicated and appropriate for you, they will be prescribed.